Aura Butter
Aura Butter
Aura Butter
Aura Butter
Aura Butter

Aura Butter

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Brighten up your complexion and revitalize your overall vibe using our Aura Butter, an extra creamy yet light daily moisturizer that soothes and deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it extra smooth and protected from all harmful free radicals! 

Why It’s Perfect

  • Wrinkle No More! Contains excellent Chamomile Butter which is rich in antioxidants that aids in the prevention of wrinkles whilst improving overall skin elasticity. Feel like your several years younger as you 
  • Goodbye Irritation! Rich in Calendula Butter helps reduce skin inflammation. It also acts as a great remedy for wounds due to its healing properties. Not to mention, the soothing property of the butter also aids in alleviating pesky irritation and itchiness.
  • Soothe Up! Contains Aloe Butter that aids in dry skin that’s caused by certain diseases including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, and skin peeling.

Recommended Application

  • Scoop an adequate amount using your fingers, evenly distribute on palms then apply on desired areas. For best results, apply daily. 

Spiritual Attributes 

Lavender. Purifies your aura by replacing negative energy with purity and harmony. Acts as a shield that protects your innate energies from external negative energies

Lemon. Known as a refreshing substance, it transforms your negative energies into positivity and gives you a lighter aura. This juicy addition gives you a level of freshness that can help you conquer your day. 

Order today and the moisturizer that gently but deeply hydrates your skin, giving you a glow like never before. 

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