Crystal Elixir Bottle
Crystal Elixir Bottle

Crystal Elixir Bottle

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Crystal Infusion Bottles

Turn your water into a healing elixir with our beautiful Crystal Infusion Bottles!

Let the high vibrations of our raw, natural crystals restore you as they transfer their healing energies directly into your water and into your soul. Now, with our Crystal Infusion Bottles you can have a powerful healing elixir for wherever life takes you.

Be restored by one of our eight master crystals! Choose the perfect crystal inside your Crystal Infusion Bottles based on your unique needs and personality.

Our Crystal Infusion Bottles hold 16 ounces and come with a protective sleeve. Made of stainless steel and high borosilicate glass, our Crystal Infusion Bottles are perfect for hot or cold water.

Order one of our Crystal Infusion Bottles now and feel the healing powers of crystals rejuvenate your soul!