Fleur Body Serum

Fleur Body Serum

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Indulge in the gentleness of the rich floral extracts in our Fleur Body Serum, an easy-absorption skin detoxifier that penetrates deep into your skin, revitalizing it with a suppleness akin to that of your younger days. 

Why It’s Perfect

  • Freshen Up! The rich Rose Extract helps revitalize as well as moisturize your skin, giving it a refreshing look. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin’s redness, giving you a beautiful fair complexion. 
  • Put On Your Shield. The  Orchid Extract protects the skin from the elements and also acts as a great moisturizer that hydrates and conditions the skin. 
  • Zero Dryness - The Lotus Extract prevents rough, dry, and itchy skin. Penetrates the pores and completely hydrates your skin, giving you soft and supple skin throughout your day. 

  • Recommended Application

    • For best results, use daily after a wash or bath. Apply to clean, damp skin. Great as a final routine or you can also apply a cream or butter to enhance skin benefits.

    Spiritual Attributes

    • Rose. This lovely crimson contains the energy of love, devotion, friendship, and emotional healing. Inspire yourself every day and get the emotional energy you need to deepen your relationship with your partner.
    • Orchid. This delicate yet sweet flower symbolizes femininity and elegance. Deepen your relationship with your sensual self while promoting healing and delicacy. 
    • Lotus. This fragrant flower symbolizes purity, beauty, eternity, prosperity, and fertility. Immerse yourself in the essence of pure energy and feel at peace as you conquer your day. 

    Shop now for the body serum that will complete you with vitality and positivity like no other.