Fruit Therapy Lip Balm

Fruit Therapy Lip Balm

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Packed full with vitamins and nutrients to support healthy lips. 

Our Fruit Therapy Lip Balm Helps to detoxify, smooth, Resurface, and hydrate all in 1 treatment

For best results use daily (especially at night). After a Day or 2 You May notice the top layer of lip skin get very sofy and can easily be removed With your toothbrush. Continue to use daily to restore lip health and protect from enviromental damage.

Orange Butter- helps to cleanse, tone, & exfoliate dead skin cells

Cranberry Butter- Provides vitamin c & Vital antioxidants to protect the lips moisture barrier.

Pomegranate Butter- penetrates moisture deep into the tissue and continues to hold hydration even after it is absorbed.

Cherry oil- Helps to plump and hydrate the lips

Lemon Essential Oil- Exfoliates & Brightens lips 

Also blended with castor oil, shea butter, Avacodo Oil, and beeswax.