"Good Vibes" Aura Spray

"Good Vibes" Aura Spray

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Our "Good Vibes" Aura Spray was created to dispel negative energy and attract positive vibrations.

Uplifts the Spirit- Dispels Negative Energy-Spiritual Protection         
Brings a feeling of Joy, Peace, overall Positive Energy 


Aura sprays are an awesome tool to keep close by. Use it to manage your energy throughout the day and maintain a high vibration.

" Good Vibes" Aura Spray was created to help uplift your spirit and bring feelings of joy, peace, and positive energy. By using the science of aromatherapy and metaphysics, it helps to shift your conscious awareness and influences the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your body. 

Use as needed

This product comes in a 2oz glass spray bottle.

Please recycle!♻️