Illuminati Body Polish
Illuminati Body Polish

Illuminati Body Polish

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Why dream about that even complexion when you can make it a reality with our Illuminati Body Polish? 

Here’s a completely natural rub that contains 4 key ingredients that illuminate your skin after just one application! 

Why It’s Perfect

  • Counter the signs of aging! Contains Beta Carotene that causes oxygen damage due to pollution. Not to mention, it also helps maintain the skin’s elasticity while creating a natural glow you’ll never get enough of. 
  • Acne No More! Vitamin C contains pro-collagen and pro-elastin effects that counter scarring and hyperpigmentation. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties of this vitamin reduces acne and redness of the skin, creating a youthful look every day. 
  • Radiant Glow. Infused with Licorice Root Extract that gently removes the amino acid, melanin, and disperses it throughout your skin, giving it a more even, natural complexion you’ll never grow tired of. Not to mention, the added Vitamin E promotes skin cell division and aids in creating new undamaged skin. 
  • Moisturizer! The added Bamboo Stem Powder deeply moisturizes skin whilst reducing melanin production for a brighter complexion. 

Recommended Application

For best results, apply an adequate amount 3 times a week and pair it with our Illuminati Brightening Body Wash. 


Please consult your doctor if pregnant or nursing before trying new products. 

Order today to have a natural and even skin tone! 


Organic Sugarcane, Aloe Butter, Bamboo Stem Powder, Apricot Kernel Oil, Beta Carotene, Licorice Root Extract, Carrot Seed oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Sweet Orange oil, Lemon Oil, phenonip, Fragrance

 Comes in a 6oz Jar with a flip cap  

Please Recycle ♻️ 

Please consult with a Dr. if you are pregnant or nursing before using any new products.