Illuminati Shower Duo
Illuminati Shower Duo

Illuminati Shower Duo

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The Illuminati collection was created to give you even, glowy skin. If you are someone who struggles with body scarring and hyperpigmentation, then this is for you! The Illuminati Collection features 4 key ingredients that help to illuminate your skin.

Beta Caroteneprevents premature aging by reducing the oxygen damage caused by pollutions, UV light and other environmental hazards. Beta carotene imparts a natural glow to your skin and makes it more beautiful and attractive. 

Vitamin C-  Has anti-inflammatory properties and can both help clear up body acne and reduce the redness associated with it-as well as improve skin texture . Due to the pro-collagen and pro-elastin effects of vitamin C, it can also help reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Licorice Root Extract-  helps to remove excess melanin in the skin, and disperse existing melanin to even out and brighten skin tone.

Vitamin E- Helps To lighten scars and regenerates new skin cells.

This set comes with our illuminati Body Polish and Body Wash.  For best results use Body Wash daily and Body Polish 3x a week.

Not intended for face.

Please Recycle ♻️ 

Please consult with a Dr. if you are pregnant or nursing before using any new products.