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Sacred Space Spray

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Our Sacred Space spray is inspired by the ritual of smudging. Traditional smudging incorporates smoke as a way of cleansing and blessing. It is important to keep your space energetically clean and at a high vibration, so negative energy can not dwell there. 

Traditional smudging is great but we put it in spray form to make it more convenient and more accessible. It's easy to throw in your bag to take while you're on the go.

Our Sacred Space Spray not only great to cleanse negative energy from your space, but it also purifies the air! A great, natural alternative to regular air freshener. It creates a peaceful, high vibrational environment to help you tap in better with meditation, helps you sleep better, and also helps to feel an overall peace in your space.

FRANKINCENSE- Purification, calms the nervous system, brings peace, activates higher awareness, carries a strong vibration, and provides spiritual protection.

PALO SANTO- Cleanses and purifies the atmosphere, blessings, joy, abundance, positive energy 

CLARY SAGE- Awakens the angelic realm, activates clairvoyant abilities, great for divination and 3rd eye work, helps to reach higher realms of consciousness, induces euphoria 

This product is packaged in a 2oz glass spray bottle

Please recycle!♻️