About Us


Crystal Luxe
Nature’s light within you.

Since 2018, Crystal Luxe has been proud to provide our customers with a wide variety of organic, sustainably
sourced healing solutions at a time when metaphysical wisdom is so rare, yet so needed. Jazzmin Royal,
founder and CEO of Crystal Luxe, has made it her personal mission provide her customers with the highest-
quality spiritual products to help transform the deepest parts of the soul. Starting with crystals, Crystal Luxe
has meticulously researched the best organic, sustainably sourced products to meet our customers’ spiritual
needs and has expanded to become an entire intention-based wellness provider.
Crystal Luxe doesn’t believe in promoting overnight transformation—that’s not how metaphysical practices
work. True, long-lasting transformation happens through a series of simple, subtle changes in your life that
open profound new chapters of possibility. It is through these simple, mindful, and daily acts that life takes
on a whole new meaning. Instead of fixating on the end of the journey, we believe in experiencing and
enjoying every step along the way because it is during these moments of introspection, meditation, and
tranquility that we can reprogram our mind and soul to step into our new reality. Only when we have
enacted these subtle changes in our life can we begin to truly manifest our deepest desires.
Crystal Luxe believes in the power of self-love and inward reflection to find the answers to our deepest
questions. We began our mission knowing that crystals were powerful allies for opening our natural intuitive
wisdom and seeing our true selves more clearly and confidently. Since then, we’ve discovered that by
offering a diverse line of organic, sustainably sourced products we can connect with our higher realms in
different ways multiple times throughout our day. We are constantly working to expand the organic,
sustainably sourced healing products we provide and are happy to now offer powerful new selections
including aromatherapies, incense, organic plant essences, and bath and body products. We want you to be
in touch with your beautiful divine essence with every breath you breathe.

Whether your spiritual journey includes stepping into a new career, finding a soul mate, healing past
traumas, or manifesting financial stability, we can help you by providing the spiritual support you need to
manifest your highest vibrations. This work is all about intentions. When you hold onto the passions living
deep within your soul and pair them with organic, sustainably sourced spiritual manifestation tools, we know
you’re going to achieve incredible things.
We’re so happy you have found us here at Crystal Luxe. Take a moment to sit with that quiet whisper living
inside your soul and discover the passions longing to emerge in your life. We are always available and happy
to work with you individually to discover which products will lead you into your next spiritual chapter. Send
us an email at info@crystalluxembs.com describing your unique story and we’ll lovingly find a product that meets
your spiritual needs. Now browse our selection of wonderful organic, sustainably sourced products and find a
spiritual tool that’s perfect for this moment, perfect for Nature’s light within you.
Light, love, and peace,
Crystal Luxe