Tigers Eye Crystal Candle

Tigers Eye Crystal Candle

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Set your mind free with the grounding scent of our Tigers Eye Crystal Candle. Handmade with genuine Tigers Eye gemstones, this candle allows one to channel inner strength to overcome any fear that may exist.

 You’ll be turning a major corner when the scents of our Tigers Eye Candle reach your nose. Its positive effects and enlightening power can have you making decisions with conviction and certainty like never before.

 Now go conquer the world and enrich your living space with the pleasing scent of our Tigers Eye Gemstone Candle!

 Key Features

  • A wooden wick that burns with a soothing crackle
  • Genuine Tiger's Eye Gemstones inside the candle
  • Decadent scent of black currant, pink pepper, rhubarb, rose, violet, berries, jasmine, and patchouli
  • Hand-poured with coconut soy wax
  • Provides 40 hours of candlelight


Conqure your manifestation goals with our Tigers Eye Crystal Candle and order yours today!